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Bajra Boat Ride Booking in Varanasi | Big Motor Boat in Varanasi

bajra boat booking in varanasi


Bajra boat rides in Varanasi are popular for family functions, Party and Big Event Celebrations.

Bajra Boats are Big Boats small and can accommodate up to 40 people at a Time.

Bajra Boatds are motor powered and safe to Ride.

Kashi Yatra’s boat ride service is a popular choice among tourists as it offers a unique perspective of the city’s culture and traditions.

“The Bajra Boat ride service is available throughout the day, but the best time to take the ride is during sunrise or sunset, when the city comes alive with vibrant colors.”

The Bajra boats used for the Boat Ride in River Ganga are well-maintained, ensuring the passengers’ safety and comfort.

Safety Majors During Bajra Boat Ride in Varanasi :

The Bajra boats are equipped with life jackets and other safety equipment to ensure the passengers’ safety. The boats are driven by experienced and trained boatmen who have a deep understanding of the river and the city’s history and culture.

Views & Experience During Boat Ride in Varanasi :

The boat ride takes passengers along the Ganges River, past the city’s many ghats, each with its own unique history and significance.

Passengers can witness the various rituals and ceremonies that take place on the ghats, such as the Bajra Boat Ride During Morning Ganga aarti and the Bajra Boat Ride During Evening Ganga aarti.

The Bajra boat ride can be used in various ways as per your need :

  1. Bajra Boat Ride to Kashi Vishwanath Temple
  2. Bajra Boat Ride to Namo Ghat
  3. Bajra Boat Ride to Dashashwamedh Ghat
  4. Bajra Ride to the Ramnagar Fort.
  5. Hand Boat Ride to Assi Ghat
  6. Bajra Boat Ride to Harishchandra Ghat
  7. Bajra Boat Ride to Manikarnika Ghat
  8. Bajra Boat Ride For family function
  9. Bajra Boat ride for Birthday & Anniversary Celeberation

The Bajra Boat ride service in Varanasi provided by Kashi Yatra is a unique and unforgettable experience that allows passengers to witness the city’s rich culture and history from a different perspective.

Bajra Boat Rides can be booked from various popular ghats of Varanasi

Bajra Boat Ride Booking in Varanasi
Dashashwamedh Ghat - Famous for Evening Gangaa Aarti
Assi Ghat - Famous for Morning Ganga Aarti
Harishchandra Ghat - Cremation Ghat in Varanasi
Manikarnika Ghat - Most Popular Cremation Ghat in Varanasi

Bajra Boat Ride Charges in Varanasi :


Boat Ride in River Ganga


Bajra Boat rides Charges on River Ganga in Varanasi varies from person to person.

The charges for Hand boat rides varies From Rs. 1000 to Rs. 2500 depending upon the duration of the Boat Ride and how much distance you cover during the boat ride.

The charges for Bajra boat ride depends on the time and demand of boats like in Dev Deepawali Boat Ride Charges goes upto Rs. 50000 for Single Rides.

Why Choose Kashi Yatra as Your Bajra Boat Riding Service Provider in Varanasi

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